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Hey my name is Danny. We just finished the services a couple of weeks ago. Six months ago I don’t know, I was discouraged, I didn’t think I had a chance of buying a home and getting in the market but right now we’re in escrow and I thank that to R&R and I look forward to referring people to them they’re excellent. Thank you guys, bye.

Danny B.

Chicago, IL Sept. 2014

My husband and I ran up some pretty hefty credit card bills when we were trying to get through college 10 years ago and we came to pay for it. Stuck in an ever-ending circle of bank fees, we never thought we’d get out of it our debt rut. We decided to go to a credit repair company and we are so glad we chose R&R. They were so wonderful. I don’t usually get on line and sign up on a site just to leave a review but I felt you guys deserved a big thanks. From the start I knew R&R really wanted to help us. They sat down and looked at our debt and formulated a plan. They managed to improve both my husband and I’s credit score by 30% in a very short time. We continue to use them and our debt is dropping away. Absolutely first class company. Thank you.

Denise Black


After living in apartments for 10 years, my wife and I were really sick of it and wanted to buy our own home. Our main problem was our credit scores were pretty bad after some bad decisions over the years. No bank would entertain the idea of giving us a mortgage. We contacted R&R as a last throw of the dice and they were wonderful. They formulated a 4 step plan that really WORKED for us. They contacted the credit reporting agency and managed to have several thousand dollars removed from our lives permanently. It turned out that several of the debts we had were incorrect. We would never have found this out without them. This enabled our credit scores to improve drastically and we are now qualified for a mortgage. I would have no hesitation recommending R&R. A+++

Benny Telford


I was desperate to find somebody to help me with my credit. After a long search on the Internet, I found this company. At first, I was skeptical due to the high volume of fraud companies out there offering you little in exchange for your money. I contacted them with no faith whatsoever. However, after chatting with Rob, I decided to go ahead and work with them. This was by far the best decision I could have taken. This guy was very quick to give me feedback and was also always willing to help in case I had any questions about the process. He sounded professional and always gave me the impression that he knew what he was doing and knew the best way to attack the issues with my credit. It didn’t take that long for me to see the results and couldn’t be happier that I went with this company. I recommend them 100%..

Bo Thomas


R&R is a name of quality and trust services. They are master in their field always helpful to their clients. They helped me alot to get a new home after my bankruptcy.

A Google User


They are great we got our house .!!!!!!!!!!!! I went from 543 to 662and my wife went from 618 to 703. we even refi our car loan to a lower ratesaving $190 a month Rebecca and Mark

Rebecca and Mark


R&R Financial Group helped to me to get a home. They are very trusty and noble people. They believe in serving their clients with total devotion.

A Google User


Had to file bankruptcy after having to close our business. Never thought we would have good credit again or at least so fast. These guys are awesome!!!! Our credit has gone up over 90 points. The pressure we were feeling has been relieved.


A Google User


they where great i would recommend them to anybody

A Google User


Saved us nearly 3% on our interest rate and we can breathe again – can’t thank you enough! – Rick and Martina

Rick and Martina


Helped us QUALIFY for a mortgage at a lower interest rate! My credit score went up nearly 80 points. In this economy, your credit score means everything and these guys really came through! Thank you!

A Google User


R and R were professional and very knowledgeable. They got things done quickly and saved my credit score. I am very very happy!!!

Suzie Snowflake


My credit rating went up some 89 pts. Couldn’t have been any easier! Should have done this a year ago!

A Yahoo Local user


Thanks to R & R financial  I could buy another home! Because of their expert help and master prompt my credit report has progressed. I would reccomend R & R to the majority of my companions.

Robt N.

Chicago, IL , 8/1/2014

Thanks to R&R financial I was able to purchase a new home!  Thanks to their professional help and expert advise my credit report has improved.  I would reccomend R&R to all of my friends.

L. G.

Orland Park, IL, 10/12/2011

Worked with Rob and R&R Financial and he was AWESOME!  Picked my score up 105 points in about 7 weeks.  Prbably would have been sooner but I was slow getting my stuff in to him, but he made it happen!  Thanks Rob!

Spring C.

Chicago, IL, 10/17/2011

I needed to refinance and Rob at R&R Financial really helped me raise my score quickly.  Quite a lifesaver!  These guys really know the ins and outs of how to improve your credit score!  Thanks

Michelle M.

Orland Park, IL, 10/27/2011

Rob told me he could fix my credit issues in 8 months. Only sent out few letters. Never returned phone calls and was never in office. Horrible customer service. Not honest or upfront. He finally called me back after 2 months of me calling and said he quit. Rob also charge my checking acct for 2 extra months. Still trying to get in touch with him for a refund. Stay away!!!

Dave C.

Minooka, IL, 10/23/2013

Response to Dave C. Review

11/7/2013 Dave, We’re very sorry you had a bad experience. We tried to look up your name in our recent service records so we could contact you and help resolve this matter quickly and to your satisfaction. However, we couldn’t find any record of your name in our recent service listings. Please contact any of the owners at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can make things right. Call 708-680-7600 . Thank you!

Rob Monaco

Business Owner, R & R Financial

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